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What is WLSG?

WLSG (Waterloo Libre Software Group) is a group of people interested in working on free/libre/open-source software (FLOSS) projects. We have formed a group in order to help prospective contributors to find projects that interest them, to bring current and prospective contributors together to help each other with projects, and to provide computing resources to people working on FLOSS projects during our regular meetings.

WLSG holds regular meetings on the UW campus, but is not restricted to UW students. Anyone in the area is welcome to attend.

Historically, WLSG was the libre software committee of WSIC (Waterloo Students for the Information Commons), a Feds club devoted to making information free for everyone.

You can subscribe to the WLSG mailing list for announcements of meeting times and general discussion about the group. Feel free to post your questions about the group to the list.

Regular Meetings of the Waterloo Libre Software Group

WLSG is operating in what you might call "maintenance mode", with few new members joining in new semesters. We are very open to running as a full club again, and new people are always welcome, but be aware that current meetings are very informal (though still very geeky and fun!)

Location: KWartzLab

Time: Tuesdays at 19:00 Eastern Time

See mailing list for details.

Past Events

Past Projects

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